Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i have been sewing

I thought I'd be able to blog more regularly, but alas, life is SOOOO busy.  So, here are a few projects I've done over the past couple of weeks . . . 
I heart this.
This choo choo is always so precious for little boys!
Can't get enough owls!!! Thank you applique cafe for coming out with yet another new one this Fall!
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  This shirt was supposed to be just the plain white square scalloped patch with turquoise monogram.  Well, the machine -- being a machine -- decided to jump around on me a bit.  So the monogram was not in the center of the patch.  UGH.  By using this ribbon ricrac trim, I was able to disguise the fact that it was off-center and still come out with a cute end-result.  I may even do it on purpose in the future :)
Two dresses for a friend at church.  Above is a J.Khaki from Belk and below is from Target.  Funny how a single letter adds so much cuteness!
I've been dying to use my new Specs font for my girls.  This shirt was the perfect opportunity because the floral cords {Orient Expressed} were so busy, the top just needed to be simple.  I LOVE this font! . . .
By the way, now that Evynne is a smart Kindergartener, she insists that her name always start with a capital letter -- no more cutesy lowercase e's for her {not that I put her name on much anyway}!!!
This has to be one of my all-time favorite gifts to give a new baby.  They look so sweet in these little monogrammed caps!  I am so thankful that the new fabric store right down from my house has started carrying good quality pink and blue infant-sized caps so I can run and pick one up whenever I need it!
If you need one for a gift, they are $14 {which includes the monogram!}  Oh, and this is also the new Specs font.  SO many more things to do and a Fall Kelly's Kids post will come eventually!